What is your longest flight in IF?


How do you do such long flights? I recently tried to do Sydney to Frankfurt in a b747-8i, and I had max fuel, 23.75 hours, and had 0 passengers and 0 kgs of cargo. I started my climb to 30,000 feet gradually, about 1000-2000 fpm, and gradually increased my trim to -100%. Yet when I reached cruising altitude, it still said that I did not have enough fuel. Could you please help me? Would love to try that routing again


Some people do have more than one device.


at the beginning of most flights the fuel will be red due to fuel weight, you can put passengers and cargo onboard and as you fly you will burn fuel weight, also why -100% trim? just use what the trim bar needs meaning you get rid of the pink line and will help with fuel consumption if trimmed properly


This was about 21 hours of flying.


Cool thanks! Will give this a try. Also, just one more question: when the pink line goes away for the trim, does that mean it is perfect for that aircraft with that weight, or is it a standard number for all aircraft in IF?


as your weight, wind, and thrust changes so does the trim but once you get it to the optimal position for your aircraft settings it won’t change more than 10% on average in other words, once you find the aircrafts sweet spot it won’t need much adjustment and as you said when the pink line dissapears its perfect. I hope this helps!


Just went from Dubai to Boston in the 777-200LE
Took me 13 Hours and 13 min 😵


My longest is YSSY-PHNL. 8hrs and 32mn :)


Heathrow to Santiago Chile for me was 13hrs 17mins



Sydney to London. 19 hours and 48 minutes of pain, waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting…Yea a lot of waiting. I am happy I managed to do it, but it will not happen again😅


As others said wind conditions play a major factor. Using the 772ER I loaded max fuel, carrying 236 passengers and 1500kgs of cargo. I’ll be arriving shortly, with around 2 hours of fuel remaining. You must’ve had some terrible winds when you attempted it. Just give it another go, you’ll make it. ☺ FYI I was about 2 tons under MTOW lol. Also try the other direction EDDF-YSSY good luck!


Abu Dhabi - Cape Town ( 8h 58min )


16 hr and 31 min flight from Dubai to Los Angeles.


5 hour flight klax-Phnl


My longest flight is From KLAX-KSEA 2hr 18mins
Flying a Airbus A320-200 Virgin America


Try using a 777-200LR. It’s the longest range commercial aircraft.


LAX-ZUR 10 hours and 8 minutes


right here. My longest flight was 3 minutes…


QTR725 OTHH-KORD 15 hours 12 minutes