What is your longest flight in IF?


My longest flight that I actually landed not quit when I wake up would be a 5 hour the other day Heathrow(EGLL) to Dubi it a scenic 5 hours



My longest flight was from NTAA (Faa’a intl.) to EHAM (schiphol Amsterdam). Took me about 16 hours.


This is like my life.


I know right I was going all well then my mom said time to leave and I was like Noooooooo! And then she said I could stay But i wouldn’t be able to move at all or the alarm would go off because she would set it.


My new longest is now 7hrs and 15mins in a Singapore DC-10. I flew from WSSS to YBBN with minimal fuel. On arrival I was to high but with my extremely low fuel I couldn’t do a missed approach. So I made the landing with very little runway to spare. I learned to make sure I check how long a flight will be so I can put in reserve fuel.

@Mark_Denton I’m waiting for that Intro to IF Part 3 so I can learn the fuel calculations.


Mine was from Auckland do Doha. It took me 17 hours and 23 minutes.


11:50 FIMP-EGKK in the B773


This would be my longest flight so far.


That’s it?

Jk haha. Must’ve taken a lot of dedication to not use your tablet for two days… nice job Mark.




Why depart from OTBD? That’s the old one, rarely used except for some private jets and cargo sometimes. Try OTHH next time.


My longest flight was FAOR-KJFK. 15h30min i think. Did it on a A340-600 SAA livery. Landed on fumes.


I thought that one reason for long haul flights was for XP building… l can get more XP than that in 30 min…so what do l do the other 17 hours !!!


I did one for 18-19 Hours combined cause we had to stop in Singapore due to emgency with a pax from YMML-EGLL


it was SULS to RKSI, with 772LR with no pax and cargo but fuel :)


If your doing touch and go’s then I can see more xps. As for me I just fly!

But what are you doing to get more xps than 10K XPs in 30 mins?


12 hours from EHAM to KLAX. With special rout!


Emirates A380
Ca. 12 hours


Im currently 13 hours in with 6 hours to go. EGLL-YSSY in a B772. So a total of just over 19 hours