What is your longest flight in IF?


45hr 50min
KMCF-KMCF non stop in KC10
2 aerial refuelings done taking 30min each


I just did a 5 Hours flight from Dubai (OMDB) to Catania (LICC) with a 777-200LR which is unrealistic since Catania airport cannot handle a B777-200LR


I did a 16hr 45min non-stop flight from Hamad International Airport (OTHH) to Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX) in a Boeing 777-200LR with the giant Middle Eastern carrier that is Qatar Airways. Twas a good flight and my longest to date, racking me up around 10,000XP :)


Man was gonna say how could you take off with such a heavy load and how could you reach AKL when it is on the other side of the world haha


My new longest flight is Bangkok - Boston in an a380. Took around 19 hours


My Longest flight is about 30Min XD


10 Hours and 15 Minutes Los Angeles - Paris


That’s dedication at its finest


My Longest flight is from Tel Aviv to New York in a 787-10 El Al!


12 hours was the duration of the flight


Mine was KDEN-RJAA on a UA 789 and KDEN-EGKK on a Norwegian 789


Mine was 8 hours circling the Sydney region from Canberra to Sydney in a Qantas 767… then I cried in a corner
i cant get global soon enough…


My longest flight in IF is New York John F. Kennedy to Hong Kong International (KJFK-VHHH/JFK-HKG).


My longest for flight time is KMIA-EGLL 8 hours and 24 minutes.
My longest by distance is CYVR-EGLL 8 hours and 20 minutes thanks to high tailwinds


My newest long haul flight was from Los angeles to Jakarta in 16 hour,using garuda B777-300ER
Edit:just recently did OMDB-KFLL on emirates Boeing 777-200LR
Flight time: 17 hr 48 min


The longest one I’ve done was London Heathrow to Singapore Changi, takes between 12-13 hours depending on the winds.


Frankfurt to Auckland. 21 hours.


Just finished HNL-JFK, about 9 hours and 10 minutes


never flew into paris might have to do this :)


KMIA to VHHX 17:27 787-8