What is your longest flight in IF?


Istanbul to Los Angeles

Took me 13 hours and my app crashed during short final. Sad story.


My longest flight was Houston- dubai. It was a 15hs and 20 mins flight. I operated the emirates 777-300 er


My longest was IAH-FRA on the Lufthansa a380. Around 9:30 in total. Although on short final I encountered the black floor bug, I still landed successfully.


@Matt737 Nice! IAH-FRA is my dream route! Hope the tailwinds were in your favor 😉


Yeah I’ve had some family fly it irl and they seemed to really like it. And the tailwinds were in my favor! If I remember correctly it was around 80kts the whole flight.


Wow! That is really good! Too bad you had the black floor…


Johannesburg to Atlanta Delta 777-200LR, 7,600nm or something like that I don’t know, long ways. 16 hours. Never took a picture damn lol.


Just did a 15 hour 50 minute flight from Dubai to Auckland!


21 hours (20h 51m)

Amsterdam - Auckland

787-9 half load of passengers and like 6000lbs of cargo

Would of made it if I had gotten Home a half hour sooner, thus meaning I crashed, but I’m pretty sure I’d make it if i tried again


23:15 from NZSP to RKSI

Routing not available, sorry people. Aircraft flown was a Korean Air 747-800 taken off from NZIP to NZSP, refueled in NZSP, and then flew to RKSI nonstop. Block climbing is key, going up altitude slowly as your fuel burns.


I did a Houston to London yesterday.
I will do either Houston or Chicago to Tokyo Tomorrow. I’m going ULH now.


LAX-WSSS. 17 hours. Now I’m doing YSSY-KLAX


10h 8m KSFO-EHAM
Slept for 8 hours of it


I made BAW flight 245 from EGLL to SAEZ once, about 13:20 of flight time in the B77W.
I slept like 7 hours of the whole flight. It was awesome


So far around 17 hours when i went from New York to Hong Kong in a 777-300 (Cathay). Planning on trying New York to Melbourne since it’s a route they plan on opening in a few years. Pretty sure that’s going to go for 20+ hours


So far my longest flight in both distance and time has been the OMDB-NZAA route which took 16 hours. However, i’m actually currently doing the longest flight with the longest range aircraft(777-200LR). This is not a real flight because it it longer than the actual max range. The flight is KJFK-YPPH. It is scheduled to be 23 hours long and it is 10277nm in distance. Wish me luck!



My longest flight has to be DOH-PHL which is a 14 hour and 30 minute flight. A lot of different scenery as the flight goes through Europe, including the UK, and finally going down the Canadian coast.


I attempted this 3 times the other way (PHL-DOH) and I think my device can’t handle it


Turn your graphics all the way down. That usually helps me.