What is your longest flight in IF?


KLAX to KHNL 23 hours 15 minutes ATC didn’t understand my no fuel transmission I ran out of fuel 55nm from the airport done through Asia in 787-9


What aircraft and livery was it


What? LAX to Honolulu should never be that long


He went eastbound i think


Oh ok that made sense


Etihad A380-800…


American Airlines 787-9


No it is an Airbus aircraft in the A320 family


And ur on the wrong topic


YSSY-LFPG Nonstop 22hrs 40m in a 787-8


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WOW that is really impressive


yeah, landed with 83kg of fuel left, arrived at the gate with not much fuel…


Landed around 30 mins ago in Abu Dhabi after a 16 hour and 24-minute long flight. I did it with @ZZBossGaming. I am now continuing the journey onto Istanbul. I will land there in 2 hours and 52 mins.
Callsign: New Zealand 16
Aircraft: 787-9
Livery: Air New Zealand
Server: Training


EDDF-VOHS Lufthansa A380

Flight time 8h 35m


New longest flight: Los Angeles to Doha in a Qatar 777-200LR. 14 hours and 39 minutes


EGLL-NZAA direct. Not much else to say


Taipei RCTP to Los angeles (Klax)


My longest right now:


I just did Auckland to Abu Dhabi with @ZZBossGaming it was 16 hours and 23 mins