What is your longest flight in IF?


My longest and first overseas flight in IF was KLAX to RJAA. I did Singapore Airlines Flight 11 (a real flight) in around 12 hours…



KLAX-OMDB around 15 hours and 40 minutes
EDIT: Forgot about EGLL-YPPH which was 17 hours


Hey, @Daniel14 I was going to ask you earlier if you want to do a flight together later.


I have an event later today and won’t be home until an hour before


19:16 Hours



Mines was Dubai (OMDB) - Houston (KIAH). Nearly almost 17hrs of flight time constantly fighting heavy headwinds.



I was gonna do that flight. You know what happened 😒

This was my longest flight. 18 hours 45 minutes. It doesn’t look like much here because for some reason, liveflight deleted almost whole of the flight and glitched out while my plane was doing circles above the airport (it arrived early). My callsign is HIQANTAS because @Qantas737guy came by to greet me.


That’s long! I just finished CYYZ-EGKK, it only took my 6 hours.

@JaeThePlane808, the headwinds were really bad heading westwards to Hawaii, I landed with only 3% of fuel.

@gabemempin, I flew that route in real life, it only took 13 hours.


SEGU-LEMD. This is a real life flight I did with an Air Europa 787. Did this flight overnight and had to wake up at 5am EST in order to land.


My longest flight in IF was LAX (Los Angeles) all the was to DXP (Dubia International) Sooooooo long


I did PHNL-FAOR in 21 hrs 54 minutes. Using a 777-200LR with 142 pax and 2,000kgs of cargo


Has anyone equalled or superceded @Ivo_Janacek… haven’t seen it posted yet… carry on !!!


dallas to schipol around 7-10 hrs


RJTT-EBBR - 11 hrs 45 mins


Auckland to Abu Dhabi 16 hours and 24 minutes, I did it along with @William_Burke


I (almost) did a flight from Madrid to Auckland NZ, but had to stop in Sydney for refuelling. It was about 20hrs.


What aircraft and livery did you use?


Auckland (NZAA) to Doha (OTHH)
-17 hours 15 minutes


Air New Zealand all blacks 777-300ER