What is Your Longest Flight in a Light/Medium Aircraft?

Here is mine:

Route: Miami to Guarulhos
Aircraft: Boeing 737-800
Flight Time: 8h15

The real flight is operated by Latam and American in the 777


I dont do a lot of light aircraft long hauls. But my longest is a southwest 737-800 from KLAX-KHOU. FT-3:28 including at gates and taxi


How Did you make it without running out of fuel?


I was saying the same thing to myself

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If you’re light enough and fly at a realistic speed e.g Mach 0.78 you can easily go far. I did Boeing Field to Dublin in the 737 and it was over 9 hours in the end and I still had fuel left. It also helps with a decent tailwind.


Medium aircraft: TAAG Angola Airlines B737-700 from Luanda to Recife (roughly 6 hours), my longest flight in a small aircraft was Rotterdam-Dublin in a Cessna 172. That took about about 3 hours


Medium Aircraft. Copa Airlines B738: Montevideo-Panamá. 7:15h. One of the longest flights on the 800 series btw.

Istanbul to Dar Es Salaam, Turkish B739. Around 7:30h, it’s the longest non-stop B739 route.

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Longest in the B737BBJ: EHAM-WADD
Longest in the C-172: EHLE-LGZA
Longest flight in the A321: EHAM-KLAX


@CrazyBee how long was our Transatlantic Flight ? With the TBM ?

Longest flight with 737BBJ
YSSY-KSEA - 12 hours

SBGR-LFTM - 10 Hours

KJFK-UKKB - 8/9 hours


KSEA-KLAX In the 737-900 at around 3:00

Well my longest for sure isn’t as long as 8h but I did fly Airbaltic’s A220 from Tenerife to Tallin once, a good 6h 30m hope right across Europe!


Ohh the TBM flight from Germany to USA was very nice it was 14:39hrs

I started at EDDG and flew with multiple stops to KHPN


The longest I did in a 737-900 was Kiev to New York with a stop over in Keflavik. It was just over 9hrs. :D

KPHX to PHNL Southwest 737-800 6 hours and 15 minutes with a mild headwind

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  1. South Pole Station (NZSP) - KLAS in a 737-7BBJ
    That was about 14:30 hrs

  2. Also several others about 14hrs in the same aircraft for example pacific crossings etc

  3. Flying the TBM from Tarbes (France/ LFBT) to Camarillo (USA/ KCMA) (stops at Wick, Keflavik, Iqaluit, Bangor, Scranton & Tulsa) though I can’t remember the exact flight time due to the stops, it must’ve been over 24hrs.

With that I was actually recreating a real tbm delivery/ ferry flight, which I saw in a documentary a while ago, flown solo by Margrit Waltz. An amazingly experienced pilot to say the least :D


Just remembered I actually did KLAX-EHAM in an A318 in ACJ colors (and with only a hand full of passengers and cargo too). I actually wanted to go all the way too EDDF, but I didn’t have enough fuel for that because I wasn’t aware of step climb yet, so I had to divert

Mine was I think KMIA - KLAX. I honestly can’t keep track of my flights, but I think it’s that lol.

KADS-KGLS Cessna 172

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My longest to date was on Air India non stop 777-200 service from DEL-SFO,. Flight time of nearly 16.5 whopping hours !

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