What is your limit?

Many of you will know that recently Qantas airlines performed a 20 hour flight from New York to Sydney to perform a series of tests to see whether it is a viable option as well as research.

20 hours on a flight is a really long time and can possible have some medical consequences as well as the amount of jet lag afterwards. In July I flew from LAX to LHR which was a 10 flight and I found it unbearable, my legs started to ache and i was seriously bored.

My two question to you guys is:

  1. How many hours would you guys be able to cope on a flight?

  2. And on a Long haul flight, when about during the flight is it where you have reached your limit and just want to be back on the ground?


16 maybe I get bored after awhile

Just let me live in a plane.


Well it would depend what class I’m on

since I usually fly eco all the time probably 17 hours be me limit

but Singapore first class suite or something like that, I’d rather just stay in the plane


I haven’t flown in business or first before so I dont have personal experience but i would expect that it is somewhat better than economy. As you are able to move about and have a more space.


Depending on the seat, yes, you’d have a lot more personal space.

If I was in economy my limit would probably like 7-9 hours, but if I was in business or first, I could go maybe 12-15 hours max. I dont think I can be on a plane for 19-20 hours

Forever, who says you have to get off the plane?

Based on my experience with the 10 hour flight, 6 hours in i wanted to get off. I was really bored, having watched a couple of movies as well having an ache in leg. I was also tired but was having problems trying to sleep. I sat there for the next 4 hours with my head on the traytable listening to music.

Having said that, I’m not one who likes ultra long haul flights hence why i always choose stop over flights.

I’ve done 15.5 and been completely fine so I don’t think I have one.


The longest flight I’ve ever been on was LAX-ATL on a delta 767. It was like 4 hours 30 minutes and i was perfectly fine. I could probably go for 16 hours before getting bored.

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I personally wouldn’t be comfortable with flying over 13 hours in economy.

In business I could go on for 15+ hours.


Dang, I dont think I could do that. My absolute max would probably be 15 hours and that would be me literally exploding! ;)

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If I had a good window seat though, that might make me last longer


I never flew on a flight longer than 3hrs 😂. But I think my limit would be at least 12hrs

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My longest flight has been 2hrs and 30 minutes. I doubt I could do 19. I could maybe do 8-9. Never been on a long haul.

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thousands of people have survived Singapore Airlines’ 19-hour flight from singapore to new york.

But premium economy is the lowest class offered.


Flying first class, will make you feel at home, you have everything you want. An airplane, a nice comfortable seat, decent food and really nice flight attendants who spoil you. I would live on a plane if I was in first class all the time😂

Depends on if the entertainment is good and what class I’m in. If entertainment is good and I’m in exonomy, I could go 15 hours. If it’s bad, maybe 10. In business, I could go probably 20

If I was sitting in any economy class cabin, then I can probably go for six-seven hours (6-7h) or more if there is excellent In-Flight entertainment services. Business class, definitely ten hours (10h) or more if there is again excellent In-Flight entertainment services and if it’s first class I don’t mind living on the plane :/. But it overall depends on the type of airline which mostly determines if the estimates are applicable or changed.