What is your LEAST favourite airport?

From SFO to FRA, LHR to LAX, we’ve all heard of your favourite airports! Airports can be beautifully designed gateways to the rest of the World…


Every now and then you get an airport which can almost be considered a disgrace to architecture, an insult to aviation itself!

Here’s mine:


Credits: Arch Daily

For me, it HAS to be the new Berlin airport 🤮 With it’s massive square to its half-million remote gates, I just think it’s such a waste of space and time. Tegel was absolutely perfect (design wise) for me! I remember visiting the airport a couple of years back and seeing a gorgeous Hainan Airlines A333 parked up at one of the gates. Now all we can do is stare at a couple EasyJets lined up for what seems to be miles 😑

Now its your turn! Feel free to use this thread to rant and tell me about your LEAST favourite airport!


The current ORD, TSA Is a nightmare it takes forever to taxi. The terminals in gates are in a weird layout and it hasn’t been renovated in forever, and Terminal 5 is way to crowded with all those long haul flights and southwest parking there, hopefully all that changes very quickly when the construction is over.


topic is least favorite

That isn’t fair in my opinion. For one that picture was taken before the opening of the airport and secondly the remote gates are essential for its operations that compromise a healthy amount of low-cost carriers who often prefer saving on airport charges by parking remotely.
Tegel on the other hand reached its operating limit and time while Schonefeld, the second airport of Berlin, was mostly used by low-cost carriers. By “merging” Tegel and Schonefeld into BER a more efficient airport was created due to the economies of scale created but the need of creating an airport able to cater for premium carries as Tegel did and for LCCs like Schonefeld did arose, hence leading to the airport design.
Here is what the gates look like nowadays:


Of course, you can still hate the airport ^^

The airport I hate most since it was the worst airport I have been to is La Guardia (even though I was in the renovated bit). Overcrowded and a lack of seating options combined with a lack of something remotely close to affordable food choices at least at the pier I was in.

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Probably Cologne tbh. I have always found this airport quite a boring and bland airport to fly into. But the 3D artists did a good job on the airport tbh.

But for IRL experience one hundred percent Corfu. It was so hot. Overcrowded and then covered the airport view from the terminal with blinds. And that is a pain when your an AvGeek.

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What do you mean?

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You are supposed to post the airport you like the least in here, not your most favorite airport ;)

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Oof sorry bro 😔

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LRSV. It is so disgusting im not posting photos. Search for yourself.


Great to have one of my home country’s islands an interest! This is what we’ve taken this summer from Corfu Airport.


Ye I like Corfu. Just not inside the airport 😅


It looks nice on the outside, not on the inside you say, it’s a chill airport, not a major crowded as hell airport. But yeah I support your opinion

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I just searched it and now I have trauma, I agree…

If you decide to design an airport as a shopping mall and a house combined, well uh…of course


Search at your own risk


I’d have to say my least favourite airport I’ve been to would have to be Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International Airport (KATL). I don’t dislike Atlanta’s international airport but the reason I chose it was because when I flew into Atlanta, it was super busy (as for the busiest airport in the world at the time) and everything was so crowded/hard to get to. Again, it’s not like I hate the airport but at the moment, it’s been my least favourite experience at any airport. The views though were great from the terminal I was spotting from :)

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UGMS, purely for this design
Mestia-airport_7 (1)

Who designed this 💀


💀💀💀💀💀The heck


Breh this is weird

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Now what is that- smack

Enough internet for today guys, after the view of this sussy looking building, happened to be a flipping airport!

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Yep. My grandparents live in Kansas City and wherever they come here, they fly through ORD. They said only fly through it if you have a death wish 😭