What is Your Least Favorite Place to fly in Infinite Flight?

I must be on a roll with this. So here we go!

What is your least favorite place to fly in IF, and why?


Nowhere. Every approach is a learning opportunity


Anywhere like Texas (flat and ugly with no scenery to offer)

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I’m fellow Texan and I have to agree lol


Yea, especially Corpus Christi. It’s brown and flat

I tried living there once, we drove back up to Alaska, and ok the whole way out of Texas, there was nothing at all. Cows, for miles.


I think he means which airport you like least

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Nowhere, unless it’s flat. If it’s flat, there’s pretty much nothing to look at except for the plane and it gets very boring.

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YESSS!!! Pretty much anywhere that’s 100% flat

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Every place in IF is special in their own way so I’mma have to say nowhere.

KLAX or EGLL on the Training Server :)


True, I’m kind of sad that most of Alaska is flat though.

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EGLL/WSSS/KJFK to name a few. Over used and boring airports.


Oh yea there is like nothing in Texas that is interesting to see, besides Big Bend. And west Texas is so empty and boring and windy to drive through…

All I can think of is Gundaroo (YGDO) cause there is a massive mountain on the approach, it’s so narrow and short. It’s also private so doesn’t have the a lot available. Yet again it’s where my girlfriend lives so I can’t say it’s bad.

What’s wrong with KLAX?

I can think of a few reasons…

Yes, it’s sad. Juneau is gorgeous though

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Never tried Juneau.

Try Juneau. Immediately. Do it in the Alaska Airlines 737-900 for best results 😊

It’s beautiful!!

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