What is Your Least Favorite Mode in IF?

And here is the other poll.

Remember to tell me why the mode is your favorite/least favorite mode in the comments!

I like all modes. However, I like Live mode the best!

No “restrictions” in this one!

  • Tutorial Mode (Both Ones)
  • Solo Mode
  • Live Mode

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I like both

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The tutorial is seriously lacking when it comes to tutorials. Sure, it helps you with very basic things, like taking off and using the autopilot, but just that.


Solo is boring in my opinion. I only use it when I’m on a road trip (or real plane) or not near WiFi. So my least favorite modes will have to be tutorial mode and solo mode.


Exactly what I do

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Looks like some people’s least favorite mode is Live!

How can some people dislike LIVE. Is so amazing

I know, right!?!?