What is your least favorite IF plane (Livery/Aircraft)?

Personally my least favorite plane to fly is probably the 747-400. I love how it looks and the liveries, but the physics are flawed and it is not fun to fly long haul becuase of that very reason.

So what are your opinions on your least favorite aircraft/liveries!

I don’t have a least favorite plane but 757 is bad

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Yeah it is one of the worst planes out there lol but it is still fun to fly sometimes

Im not sure if I think the physics are flawed since I’ve never flown a real 747, but I guess that sounds about right. I would expect the 747 to feel “heavier” but in the sim it is very agile and quick

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No plane is the “least favorite”. In my eyes, one just says that as an excuse because he/she cannot fly the plane…


I see where you are coming from, but the 74 really does have troubles flying. I used it to fly from london to san francisco, and it had troubles with fuel consumption. Weight was below MTOW by miles and i packed 3 hours extra fuel.

But it is true that some planes people just dont know how to fly the planes in IF.

Yeah that too.

Yeah true!

Well, it’s perfectly fine, it flies, perhaps differently than others, but you have to practice with it. Exactly goes back to my point about inexperience and not knowing how to command the aircraft.

But here is the thing. It doesnt simulate as it should be similated. Therefor flying it is difficult and unatural, so you arent technically flying it as it should be flown.


It could be livery related as well.

Yeah true!

Not a constructive topic