What is your home airport?

My home field is KSAT (San Antonio). It’s rather small for the size/growth of the city in my opinion, but it’ll do.

Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyy! wassgood homeboy atlllll

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Lol. Do you live in Fulton County?

Gwinnett! But still we neighbors :)

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Closest to me is egcc

Mine is Owen Roberts International Airport (MWCR/GCM) located just outside the capital on the largest of the three Cayman Islands, Grand Cayman.

Here is some photos of the airport before it was rebuilt recently:

Here is a photo of the terminal that replaced the old one

We had the last open air waving gallery in the Caribbean, so its sad to see that go. Although its also very exciting to see all the expansions. The construction is still ongoing and more recent updates can be found on my post from the other day.


I usually fly out of (both in real life and Infinite Flight) Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX).

Same for me

I’m right in the middle of SFO, SJC, and OAK (about a 30 minute drive to each). Hard to beat the volume of destinations and flights out of SFO (especially cross-country and international), but I’ve found the low fog and long taxi times mean delays are far more common. I think SJC is massively underrated as an airport and choose it whenever possible.

Amman, Jordan. OJAI 🇯🇴


Sydney, Australia 🇦🇺

Mine is YMAV. Avalon (Geelong), Australia. However, my flight school is based out of YMMB (Moorabbin) and YMPC (RAAF Williams Point Cook).

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The closest to me is KPBI (Palm Beach), but I consider KFLL (Ft. Lauderdale) to be my hometown!

The closest airport to me is Louise Thaden Field (KVBT). However no airlines operate out of it, so I usually fly out of Northwest Arkansas National (KXNA).

KCMH, Columbus Ohio!!

Viracopos, Campinas 🇧🇷 SBKP

The closest airport to me is Danbury Municipal (KDXR) but the closest commuter airport is Stewart International (KSWF)

Closest to me is a very small airport. Closest bigger airport (yet still kinda small) is KFSD. Closest hub and the airport I use the most is KMSP.

KSEA (Seattle Tacoma International Airport) is my home airport. Alaska Airlines dominates this airport, they own about 40% of all movement there

You have no idea how big the hearts in my eyes are over that American Airlines Airbus A300… 😍

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