What is your go-to speed for when you’re at cruising altitude

My go to speed can vary if I’m flying a route that is 50 minutes I would fly at KIAS 280kts and if I’m flying a 12 hour flight I would be flying at M0.85 or M0.79


For me, it depends on the aircraft. Not all aircraft can go M0.84-.85.


I do whatever FPLtoIF tells me 🤷🏼‍♂️


Like what @MrMrMan said!. It varies from aircraft to aircraft!. So when im creating a flight plan is also gives me my speeds I need for the flight!

So usually an a320 will be M0.78 and if I fly the B747 then usually around M0.84!

So it all does depend on the aircraft you are flying!

also what @DiamondGaming4 just said …I also use that for my speed!. Which is here


Mine Is between FL250 and FL275 and between 335KT to 345KT as I like to get to my destinations quickly.

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Flight time doesn’t affect how fast I go. My “go to speed” is the designed cruise speed of whatever plane I’m flying. Not all aircrafts are designed to fly at Mach .85.


Yeah on long hauls I would fly a higher alt so I burn less fuel and then descent so I can fly faster with more fuel but average M 0.84 with long hauls and short hauls I like to be realistic and fly the plane like it’s actually done so CRJS and 737/320 would be like M 0.78 or 0.79

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You shouldn’t go over M 0.86 it will decrease the planes fuel efficiency limiting you to fly shorter


I mostly just fly 1-3 hour flights but when I do long hauls I am always climbing and descending to find a tail wind.


Depends on the aircraft. Google aircraft specifications for the type yoy are flying and look up cruising speed or Vmax. Other info can be found about your plame this way as well.

Winds factor in to pilots decisions and Flight computers do most of the logic. It depends on what that airline wants to be proficient in, time or fuel. They have different settings for this and its called Fuel Index. Stronger head winds take more fuel, but most flight plans can avoid the winds or account for them. A tailwind is the best scenario and airlines will fly them when able to save fuel.

I’m sorry, its called Cost Index, not fuel

For me.
Regionals: M0.78
Narrowbodies: M0.78-0.80(A320/737)

Widebodies: M0.82-0.84(A330,340, MD11), M0.84-0.86(777, 787, 747, A380)

The lower Mach speed indicated above tend to be the most optimum for fuel efficiency(of course with good pitch, the one where the magenta line is no longer visible). The higher the Mach speed the more fuel you need due to higher rate of fuel burn.

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You should file a FPL, if you just decide what mach you want your fuel and flight time will be completely inaccurate, also making your flight a less safe one.

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I go to 25000 FT MSL when domestic flights are made by me

35000 FT MSL when flying internationally

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When I’m flying the TBM-930 (which I am right now on a world tour in IF), I’m usually cruising at the following:

Phase Speed
Climb 170kts at 2000fpm
Cruise Alt FL290 going east, FL280 going west
Cruise Speed M0.53
Descent Rate 2000fps
Descent Speed 210-250kts

I will say I know I need some adjusting but this is what I’ve been doing on average.

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Depends on the aircraft for me. If i’m flying an A320, I cruise at M 0.78. For a 777, I cruise at M 0.84. I always do the realistic cruising speed that matches each aircraft. :)

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My Q400 doesn’t go that fast. If I try, the wings fall off…


Q400 should be cruising no more than .54… lol

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Mach 0.85 in the Dreamliner at cruising Mach 0.81 flying the A330 Mach 0.85 flying the 777 Mach 0.85 A380 smaller aircraft Mach 0.78 A320 737.

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I set the N1% to a specfic percentage number depending on the aircraft, per info from the web or a manual, and then go from there. Yesterday I never set my A/P speed on a C750 flight for fun.


MaxSez: I use my IF rental aircrafts performance factors. I always fly 250k (-) below 10 grand in the States or on IF.
(There is no “norm” for performance, every aircraft is unique in this and the real world.)
(There are snakes on this Forum, Trust but verify,)
Just say, Max

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