What is your flight in Infinite Flight?

I don’t know if there will be an existing topic, but let me know… :-I

What is the flight you are playing in Infinite Flight?

Example: I am flying from LTFM to EGLL | Turkish 1985 Heavy | Airbus A330

If you want to say it differently, no problem. ;)

Thank you.

TBPB-EGLL ten ten

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Right now, I’m operating the Embraer livery (as a charter) E195 from Fort Collins, Colorado, to Chicago/Midway, Illinois. Random, but would highly recommend!

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SKBO-KMIA Avianca B787 and tomorrow ima fly in Alaska


In a little bit, I will be flying from Shannon (EINN) to St. John’s (CYYT) on an Aer Lingus A321.

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pattern work with F18 if that counts

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Interesting route

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Have a nice flight! 😊👍

Just did KMIA to SKBO! Very nice route

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One day I also did the SKBO - KMIA route, it is highly recommended!

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