What is your favourite regional route?

I’ve been doing a lot of regional flights recently, and I was wonder what routes you guys like to fly as regional flights (up to 4 hours max). Also, let me know what aircraft you use for the routes you choose.

My current favourite is based on a real flight, 6E1791/6E1792, CCU <–> HKG. IndiGo might use an A320neo in real life, but I just use the A320ceo.

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My favorite route is from KSEA-PAJN or KSEA-PANC. The aircraft I use (also used in real life) is the 737-800 and in some occasions I use the 737-900. I like those routes because it’s very realistic and beautiful scenery!


I mostly do regional flights because they dont take much time and I get to practise buttering the bread. Here is my list:

Porter Q400 LaGuardia-Toronto City: the City airport runways are challenging
Flybe E195 Southampton-London: This I sometimes do when theres not much time, but it might be too short
Singapore 78X or Cathay 777 Singapore-HK: This is really close to 4 hours IRL, but it really doesnt take that long. The Hong Kong 25L approach I really like for some reason, and the mountains before the approach is pretty nice for screenshots.
Swiss A319: Zurich-Milan: the Swiss Alps is quite the view.
Air Canda CRJ-200: Thunder Bay-Sudbury: I’m a Canadian, so I naturally have a like in this. And Poutine. Canadian airline, or a canadian plane, over canada. Dont question me.
JAL 747-200 or MD-11, anywhere between Sapporo New Chitose, Tokyo Haneda, Narita Chubu Centrair, Osaka Kansai is nice, with the mountains. Also Chubu, Kansai, are on landfills which look nice in my opinion.
I fly a lot of different stuff cuz im a weird guy, my most flown is probably the zurich-milan


My favorite Irish regional route would be Dublin EIDW to Donegal EIDL just because of the scenery in Donegal on Approach is just stunning. Unfortunately I cannot do this flight in IF as this route is operated by a Stobart Air ATR 42


My favorite regional route is KSJC-KRNO!

A quick 45-minute hop will get you mountain and snow views!


KATL to KDCA, KLGA to KMDW, KMCI to KDEN, KORD to KJFK, KSEA to PAJN, EDDF to LMML, and KSAN or KLAX to any Bay Area airports
Those are my recommendations for regional flights

Im actually about to do KATL to KDCA right now hahah


My favourite route is SBGR to SBRJ


Definitely KLAX-KSAN flown that in real life & in infinite flight multiple times. E170 & B717 in infinite flight & E175 & B717 in real life Delta 😏


My Favourite regional rout is EDDG to EDDF in an E190(Generic), CRJ900 (Lufthansa) or A319 (Lufthansa)

Cincinnati - Chicago (KCVG-KORD)

Great approach over Lake Michigan onto the 28’s

Runner up is the clichè Los Angeles - San Francisco (KLAX-KSFO)

That decent into the Bay Area is gorgeous!

I love to do regional hops around Chicago from:
Milwaukee (KMKE), Madison (KMSN), Green Bay (KGRB), etc.

As well, regional routes to KDCA can be fun if RWY 19 is active.

Usually I like KLAX-KSFO. It is a nice 45 minutes flight.

I realy enjoy little hops around Germany, there are a lot of big Airports to Visit and most have some pretty nice Approaches. In general the A320 Family is the first in Line for those flights…
EDDF-EDDS is a example

VTBS - VTSP for sure :-) love it

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