What is your favourite plane to fly on in real life?

Hey there, hope you are having an awesome day! I am really curious as to what is your favourite plane to fly on in the real world . This is quite a broad yet applicable question as it could be commercial or general aviation depending on if you’re a pilot or just an aviation enthusiast! Is it a certain airline that you prefer for specific aircrafts? The possibilities are endless so let’s start a conversation!

For me it would be the Air Canada 787, as I am Canadian and the Dreamliner is just a “dream” to fly on!

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I love flying on the 777-300ER because of those amazing GE-90s 🔥 Flying over Greenland is cool too

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True that man! The engines sound AMAZING

It gotta be my favorite aircraft of all time
The A340-600
So stable, buttery and has an amazing design
I also just can’t forget the engine roar you get when seated between rows 7 and 16
May I include this wonderful picture I took when flying SBGR-LEMD in EC-IOB

Really sad to see this birds being retired


In real life, my favorite plane to fly on is the Ford Tri-Motor.

It’s like a violent yet extremely gentle rollercoaster, with the three Pratt&Witney Wasps roaring louder than any jet engine. You’re bouncing up and down constantly, and the engines are rattling everything in the plane. And upon landing, you can see the tires hitting the runway. It’s truly amazing flying such a legendary plane, the experience is like no other airliner.

I was lucky enough to fly on the Tri-Motor twice, both are flights I’ll never forget.


This was


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Dreamliner. Nothing else! Big windows, big wings, super quiet and overall nice to fly on. Nothing beats!

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My favorite planes are the E175 and 747-200

A380 hands down! Still crazy how that big piece of metal gets in the air! Beautiful aircraft!


Wow! I never have flown on the Ford Tri-prop, however I might have to put it on my bucket list after how you described it!

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Same here!!

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