What is your favourite place in South Africa

What place do you wish to visit in the wonderful South Africa

My favourite place is the north west province in the bush
And what is your favourite local airport in SA


Cape Town, more specifically flying over/around Table Mountain.

Now that is fun, especially at sunrise/sunset 😉

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Do you live in sa

I have to admit, that I have only flown to Cape Town and Johannesburg of all the South African cities, but I prefer Cape Town because of its mountainous terrain combined with the beautiful beaches. When talking about the airport layout, Johannesburg wins by a lot though, as I feel like the Cape Town airport layout isn’t exactly on a level with major hubs


What airline do you like

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South Africa is easily one of my favorite countries to fly in. I can’t put it down to one specific place, but whether it’s the beautiful coastal cliffs of George, high elevation of Nelspruit or desert terrain of Upington, I enjoy every flight. Honestly to anyone who just flies to Johannesburg or Cape Town from Europe/America there is so so much more to South Africa so I’d definitely recommend you check out some of the places I named above. Especially now we have 3D buildings at both JNB and CPT, now is as good a time as ever to try out some SA Express or Airlink routes in the CRJ family or E-Jets


I really enjoy flying to Johannesburg but I also like Durban and Port Elisabeth, the scenery is beautiful when flying to/from these cities

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Who is up for a flight on Friday 6:00 o’clock in the night in Cape Town

I love to fly at the coast in South Africa especially I love the route Port Elizabeth to Cape Town this is really amazing

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Casablanca and HAAB. Africa is TOO UNDERRATED

Would usually say cape town because of the mountains and piers but the weather is very indecisive down there so i’d say the wonderful beaches and scenery of durban and up north by the kruger national park is really amazing :)

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Would you like to fly on Friday night real Cape Town Time

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