What is Your Favourite Livery? (Best Livery Based on your Opinion)

new easyJet

First KLM B789 Livery is good.

(Not My Photo)


Wow I Just Relised it. And The Livery also looks Great on B789

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I really like the Etihad B789, it looks amazing.

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For ne it’s important that the liveri is not brash, like

Turkish Airlines
…some others

KLM 787-9 in the new livery is now on my list of planes I must planespot that is absolutely gorgeous

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Looks great on the 77W! A6-ETA I believe. That plane was lucky tonget a break from the grueling schedule Etihad puts their 77Ws through ;). I like it in the 787-9 more but 777-300ER looks awesome! Also want to spot this

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Tbh It’s Way Better Than Previous Logo (Agree with @Boeing707 )

La Compagnie Boutique Airlines! The aircraft in my profile picture.


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LAN. and Swiss <3

Etihad new livery & Black New Zealand

Iberia has done well this facelift.
PD: I’m from Spain.

The revised FDS liveries and the AA polished liveries that I did.

  1. Uzbekistan il-76
  2. S7 Tu-154
  3. Somon Air 737-900

I disagree. I don’t like that new livery.

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I think its greater than the older version

I agree @El_Alex the old Iberia livery was used for so long it became iconic while I must admit the new livery looks a bit dull😄 (Just my opinion though)

Yes that’s true

no words 😱😱 It’s Awesome!!

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