What is Your Favourite Livery? (Best Livery Based on your Opinion)

Mine is Garuda and Air France
Both are Pretty


Etihad. I love the new livery on their A380 and 787!

All Black New Zealand & Thai!

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Im with Dj on this one.

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Aer Lingus look at this a320 they did up recently


Garuda Indonesia, Turkish Airlines, Asiana Airlines.

We are hoping to add on EVA Air Boeing 747-400 or 777-300ER … etc models

Now that, I like.

Emirates or the FDS liveries. :)

I like the new Etihad Airlines,EgyptAir,Air NewZealand and Caribbean Airlines (National Carrier)

Thank you B767

Used to love Delta but they are the worst livery to planespot with so they’ve fallen out of my favor.

Here’s my list:

New Iberia
Canyon blue Southwest
New Avianca
Black New Zealand
KLM (New and old)
American (New and old)


I like the old northwest airlines livery.

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Etihad A380 livery

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No probs mate!

I love the Virgin Atlantic 747-400!!!

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Adding on to me, I looked it up and this is the most GORGEOUS B77W livery ever. It’s the new Etihad livery, on the B77W


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Etihad’s A380, A320 and B787 with the new design! I also like the Qatar Airways A350.

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