What is your favourite approach or approaches in Infinite Flight?

Hello all, just thought I would make this topic for us to share our favourite approaches in Infinite Flight. This could encourage some people to travel to different airports in different regions (for now) and in the future, try out new places that they maybe haven’t visited before.

Here are a few of mine…

An a321 approaching to saint maarteen in the Caribbean…

Another a321 approaching to San Fransisco Intl…

An a319 approaching to London city airport…

Feel free to post some of yours in the comments below to maybe encourage a few others to fly approaches they haven’t before

Thanks for reading, happy landings!!

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My favorite approach is probably the approach into KASE


When the ATC at LAX did a runway change (Because the Wind) at Los Angles. The over the Water Approach into 07R was cool.

Also the 34L and 34R approach into YSSY Sydney Kingsford is nice.


LAX 06 and 07 runways, ISP 33L, And who could forget the Canarsie approach for the 13’s at JFK


KASE 15, CO03 both approaches

The best airport! Very dificuty when winds

Definitely this one


I love the KSAN TS1 runway 27 approach



Big Bear city (L35) is an enjoyable one for me to fly into, its a smaller airport so ga aircraft can be a extra challenge


Where is that? Never heard of it might try it some time…

I like the EWR or the ORD approach, but when global comes out, surely the DUB approach as you do a sharp turn over the beautiful Irish sea after descending over a beautiful Ireland! :)

KASE By far!
or maybe YSSY or maybe KNUK or palm springs!

EWR is great in real life with the New York City skyline, nothing special in IF though.

WMBT. lol its so interesting


S88 and 4S6 in Seattle. You really have to know you do flying there.

L35 is in SoCal region, I believe west of Palm Springs tucked in the mountains. There’s a lake that makes for a pretty scenic approach to runway 08


I have one favorite by far and if you guys haven’t tried this one you should - KTTD (Seattle region) rwy 25. Put it on Sunset mode and enjoy.


Honestly, fun one is if you fly to St. Marteen 28, but through the mountains/islands, for a “ghetto” Kai Tak Approach.

Thank you. I might go there sometime

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Absolutely Pulau Tioman (WMBT)!