What Is Your Favourite Airport at Which to Land?

I’m back with a new topic to discuss about, instead of the usual what plane you love type of questions, I’m back with my own what kind of airport you like or would like to land in edition. I have been thinking for a topic in which viewers could share the experiences when it comes to the kind of airports they would like to land on or would love to land at.When it comes to airports, I prefer airports that have a long runway(gives me time to determine where I will land or how much my rate of decent should be).Short runways may be a challenge especially when dealing with huge aircrafts which makes it more intresting if there’s an emergency situation.

Note:This topic was not created for arguments but for viewers to just give me feedback on thier favourite airports eg Klax😀



Well, i like landing at NZQN 0 Queenstown. The cool approaches, the awesome mountains and amazing sunsets makes this a very scenic landing


That sounds like a perfect combination of quality scenery mixed with an amazing airport. Thanks for your reply and experience,will give it a go.😀

I like NZAA for simular reasons!

Been flying alot on the NE coast of Australia since release of global and particular enjoy the Approach and departures from both YBCS (Cains) and also YBTL (Townsville), epic sceanery, with great flights over the Great Barrier Reef as well.

Larger Aiports include YSSY (well its the home base of the VA so know it well!) and also both WSSS as an aiport I fly into freqeuntly and also VHHH whihc has again some epic arrivals and departures…mind those mountains!

Lastly EGLL is my real life home airport and when I fly into it, especially after a ‘foreign’ flight, no matter how long, I always feel like I am coming home!


Runway 24, KNUC, San Clemente.

Man, all the memories it left, gets my nostalgia kicking.


why here of course! ;)


Hmm haven’t explored too many airports but from the ones I have, I like KBOS (Boston Logan International Airport) the most. It just feels amazing landing there and the approach is beautiful.


I’ve enjoyed Queenstown and Ayers rock airport (Just did a round trip and then back to Ayers Rock for the night.) Queenstown has amazing mountains and when approaching it from Melbourne it looks superb. I like Ayers Rock Airport especially in the Qantas flagship because it just seems so retro to fly in the Red Australian desert with Uluru to the side

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Hong Kong. The mountains and water make it a sweet approach, and also makes for some windy conditions 😁


Kai Tak for the win. Nothing beats the legendary Checkerboard Turn.


The Grand Canyon - has a long runway and is surrounded by really beautiful scenery.

Newark Liberty - Also has quite a long runway, and it’s not as busy as KJFK. It also shows that nice suburban scenery change into the city!

Vancouver - The mountains are just stunning!


I also like the Grand Canyon because of the beautiful scenery.Overall there’s many places to land in infinite flight , while also enjoying the scenery.


LGAV, Athens

It’s beautiful no matter from where you approach from.


😂😂😂Intresting just so intresting.

I personally love flying to VHHH or EGLL with realistic traffics when ATCs are available at both airports. But personally, I love WIII because it’s my home airport with nice and simple layout so it’s not too confusing for those who are new to this airport

But I guess no one can beat ZUGU’s awesomeness, the only airport which lies at 14,000ft and unlandable =P


Anyway just landed at Knuc airport. It was a blast landing on the runway with my Boeing 737-700.I was practicing offline and the view over the ocean gets me every time.

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That’s a legendary glitch


Its nice landing at airports with realistic traffic, but as soon as there is no atc all hell breaks loose. I spend much time either circling the airport as people on the ground tend to panick and enter the runway a lot.😂😂

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My favorite approach by far has to be SFO. Going over the bay is awesome!


Thanks for your experience.

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