What is your Favourite Airline that is currently, or coming to IF?

After looking though, I’ve noticed that all the others are closed, so, What is your Favourite Airline that is currently, or coming to IF?

Mine is Air Canada, and 2nd is WestJet


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I like both Delta and American. I like American mainly since they have the final US Airways A321 in Heritage livery, and Delta because of their simple livery

Edit: My Bad, I misread the Title. I like Delta due to the large amounts of airplanes it has in the Simulator

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United. Easily my favorite airline. Really just everything about them I love. Their environment, employees I’ve met, flights I’ve taken with them, pilot pay, career benefits, and their liveries on their plane, not to mention their gorgeous 737 MAX.


I like FedEx, not just because I fly for FDXVA, but the cargo airline and the people who work in the VA are awesome

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How do people know what to choose from? Otherwise we are going to get every livery and every plane listed which really isnt the point.

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I’d like to fly on the max myself

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I’m gonna sound very patriotic and biased towards my home continent but bear with me ;)
Anything Asian and that makes Long Hauls are may golden keys 🤩
Let me narrow it down to 3 specific airlines that i love very dearly and fly very often in IF.

  1. Cathay Pacific | Why? - Cathay has been one of my favorites for a long time, since they operate a hand full of 777 on various different long hauls to Europe and USA, it gives me many flight choices to make.

  2. Singapore Airlines | Why? - SIA gives me this Business vibe. To imagine having highly important passengers on their way overseas to USA or to Europe for business meetings is always nice to think about. And heyy they also do major Longs Hauls with the 777 and A380.

  3. Japan Airlines | Why? - JAL was probably first airline i really looked up to as a kid, at the age of 5 or 6, would look at pictures of JAL planes be like, woow that looks cool. I’ve always liked Japan for various reasons and having been to Japan IRL and seeing the JAL planes stand in front of me was a childhood dream come true. And they operate the 787-8/-9 which i got to fly with last year, so i can connect with JAL in many ways emotionally mostly. 😍

Honourable Mentions (Includes non Asian Airlines as well): 👇

  • American Airlines
  • United Airlines
  • Scandinavian Airlines (SAS)
  • Qatar Airways
  • Lufthansa

A330 Qantas. Because i live in Australia and i see it all the time but i need it in infinite flight so i can fly the way the a330 Qantas does.


Emirates airline is one of the best in the world. I have travelled in American, United, Delta, Malaysian, Singaporean but they don’t even come close to Emirates except Singapore.

The selection of aircraft depending on the length of the route, food, entertainment, service it’s unmatchable.

I aspire to work for United, they’ve got a very generous pay and a wide variety fleet with lots of destinations to fly to and despite their recently rough past with customer service, I’ve never actually had a bad experience with them.

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The virgin Australia a330-200 because I would love to fly from Melbourne to Perth with this aircraft. Even though the a330-200 isn’t infinite flight yet I would love to see it one day and

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I’d have to say Vietnam Airlines. Their livery on their 787 on IF is just simply stunning!

Anything Australian, as well as Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America.

I have to agree with you on the Air Canada!

I would have to say Virgin Atlantic, it is the most Airline I Fly trans-Atlantic now from the U.S. and the livery is just beautiful! So it has to be my fav in IF also

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