What is your favourite Airline per continent?

North America: Delta Air Lines

South America: LATAM

Europe: Air France

Africa: Royal Air Maroc

Asia: All Nippon Airlines

Oceania: Qantas

Antarctica: A Government Plane, I Guess


Europe: Lufthansa (flew in 2006), from Frankfurt to Hyderabad and back
North America: Delta (flew in 2019),from San Jose to JFK
South-America: IDK
Africa: South African (never flew, but have seen at JFK, and just liked it for some reason)
Asia: Emirates (flew many times) my fav of all
Oceania: Qantas (just cause it’s the most popular in oceania)


Europe- Aer Lingus
South America- Avianca
Africa- EgyptAir
Asia- Cathay Pacific
North America- Southwest
Australia- Qantas

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Europe: Vueling (is better than RyAnAiR)
N.A: AA (only ever flew once with them on the 777-300er
S.A: Never seen and known this place
Africa: IDK becaue the never flew to LEBL or YSSY (where I have lived)
Asia: EMIRATES all the way because I flew biz every time I flew from LEBL to YSSY via OMDB
Aussie: Qantas. I live approx 20 mins from YSSY and get planes fly over every 10 mins (Cargo obviously due to COVID) excluding nighttime


So considering that I’ve never been out of the U.S these are purely just an option based on YouTube flight reviews and just a why not type of thing.

NA: WestJet


I chose WJA because my goal in life is to become a pilot for them. Plus they seem to have good service and they seem like just a great airlines overall.



I chose LATAM because I like their livery and second because they are from Chile and Chile has a lot of snowboarding

AF: South African


I chose South African because I literally no nothing about any other African airline

EU: Scandinavian Airline Systems (SAS)


I chose SAS because, why not?

AS: All Nippon Airlines (ANA)


I chose ANA because of a few flight reviews I have watched that rated their service and their product quite high.

OC: Air Newzeland


I chose ANZ because they are Star Alliance and because of their innovations in the realm of Economy Class

AT: Icelandair


I chose Icelandair because they are the only passenger airline that has ever flown to Antarctica. Otherwise you don’t really have any options.


North America: American
South American: Gol
Europe: Lufthansa
Asia: Eva Air
Africa: Mango
Australia: JetStar
Antarctica: United States Navy

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North America: Delta
South America: LATAM
Europe: British Airways
Asia: ANA
Africa: South African Airways
Oceania: Air New Zealand
Antarctica: Pingu Air (@Pingu)


thanks ashly

Air New Zealand is not an aussie airline (I know this bc I live in Sydney and am Aussie)

Asia Pacific: Singapore airlines
Middle East: Emirates
South Asia: Vistara
North America: Delta
South America: Latam
Europe: KLM
Africa: Kenyan
Australia: Virgin Australia


i live out near the end of the ils cone into the 16s and get a good view of all the planes coming in from the north

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Same mate!!!

N. America: American Airlines
S. America: LATAM
Africa: South African Airways
Australia: Qantas
Asia: Philippine Airlines
Europe: SWISS Intl Airlines

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Oops, I meant Oceania

That’s alright mate. I am slightly picky though so appologies

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No problem, my mistake :)

North America: American i like there livery and fleet
Middle east: qatar the A350-1000 is beautiful
South america: latam they have an amazingly long flight with the 787
Europe: british airways never flown them heard they aren’t that good to fly but i like there history
Africa: Comair i like the ba 737 look
australia: Qantas is just my favourite
new zealand: air new zealand just love their liveries
australia and new zealand should be oceania but
asia: ANA the r2 d2 is such a nice livery

North America- Air Canada
South America- Avianca
Europe- TAP Air Portugal
Africa- SAA
Asia- Cathay Pacific
Oceania- Qantas

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We also get Qatar A350-100’s down here in YSSY

yes i’ve spotted them