What is your favourite aircraft in Infinite Flight?

I tried to make this earlier on and something went wrong so this should work now. Vote your favourite Airliner below. Sorry if I forgot one I tried to do from memory. Let me know in the comments your favourite aircraft.

Most people seem to like the 777 so far (17 votes)
I will be shutting the poll at 50 votes for the final results

Favourite Narrow or Widebody Aircraft in Infinite Flight Aircraft
  • A318
  • A319
  • A320
  • A321
  • A330
  • A340
  • A350
  • A380
  • B717
  • B737
  • B747
  • B757
  • B767
  • B777
  • B787
  • DC-10
  • MD-11
  • Other (Sorry if i missed one out)

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777 anyday that baby butters :)

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I agree. 777 is a nice aircraft

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I Love this beauty

Credit: Hans X. Bravo Menes

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Very nice Dreamliner is that a 787-9?

To whoever voted 717 u are absolutely skilled and i adore u cause that thing has the physics of a space shuttle mixed with a brick.


Correct, Is a 789

I just fell in love with the A350. Only regret is, it does not have an interior.

Mine is the 737 Since it looks and flys neat

Yes 737 is my favourite although massive fan of the 787-8 or 9 or 10!

Which aircraft did I miss out?

737 is a great aircraft! It is the first airliner I learnt to fly and I feel the most comfortable landing this plane.

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Here’s once aircraft, the NASA Space Shuttle.

Is that the 747-SCA?


We’ve seen numerous topics like this in the past and they’ve shown to be very limited in discussion.