What is your favorite US destination to fly to?

For me it’s tied between KDEN or PHNL


Kona and Hilo are my favorite but I love all of the Hawaiian airports. Kona has an awesome approach over the dry side of the Big Island and Hilo has a very difficult approach over the bay with awesome volcanic views.

Saint Thomas is my favorite outside of Hawaii

I like to fly basically everywhere Hawaii New York Chicago Denver the Rocky Mountains The Appalachian mountains sierra Nevada’s and all different locations in the US from my home and hub for AAVA

KLAX for sure

PHOG is the best one in my opinion. PHNL is a close second, but Hilo and Lanai are also very very close

Sorry, did you say…US…?
I fly Canada and Canada only.
but my favorite is probably SFO because it is in CA. Not CA for Canada, but for California. Same thing. :D

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