What is your Favorite United Airlines Livery?

Following the trend of other threads in the “Real World” category, which is your favorite United livery?

Saul Bass:


Rising Blue:

Current Globe:

Or Retro:

(None of these are my photos)

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Rising blue for sure!

I would have to go with the Current Globe since it’s simple and basic like British Airways! United has an underbelly which is the same to BA.


Photo isn’t mine btw.

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Retro all the way! So neat:)

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I like the rising blue livery.

  • Saul Bass
  • Battleship
  • Rising Blue
  • Current Globe
  • Retro

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I love the battleship livery

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Love the Continental-United Merger livery, Battleship, and Tulip livery.

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Current globe is quite nice

please stop these posts

Saul bass is definitely my favorite !!! Looks so old that’s why i like it 😏😏

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What about the “Ted” livery ?

Where’s the option for “None because United Sucks”


The United Continental livery looks the best. I like the corporate design.

Retro! I love old liverys on new aircraft!

Definitely Rising Blue

I like the Dreamliner livery more than the current one on other planes. Like the swaying gold stripe on it:

Photo is by me.

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