What is your favorite thing about Aviation?

During these uncertain times, it is easy to get down in the dumps about how the aviation industry is being affected.

I want to help you all re-light the passion for aviation, and put a smile on your face. This makes me think, what is your favorite thing about aviation? It can be anything!

Mine is the fact that these machines we get the special privilege of flying are literal time machines. The world is more connected than ever before because of aviation.

What is yours?

Blue skies and tailwinds my friends,


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My favorite thing about aviation is the airplanes, like @Ishrion said.

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My favorite thing about aviation is watching a plane take off, that is always a fantastic sight.

especially the a380 and it is 1000x more amazing when you are in it

like others have said airplanes are my favorite thing

One of my favourite things about Aviation is this: when you are on a airplane about to take off, then you fell the engines go to TOGA mode

Mine is the sheer feeling of power at takeoff - being pushed back into your seat, the rear of the engine, the feeling of being pushed up when you rotate… just amazes me every time.
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How many personnel it takes to prepare a flight.


I like all the aspects to aviation I dont really have any favourites if I was to be honest, I just love it as a whole! ✈

My favorite thing about aviation is that I get to fly. Being on the ground is boring, but I can’t help but admire the airplanes and airports (especially San Jose SJC/KSJC) who are often taken for granted in regular society.

I love looking out of the window onto the carpet of clouds below, the views are just breathtaking

That is one of the best feelings, first time I felt that really sparked my interest in aviation

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I think this belongs in general @Key because it’s not limited to the real world.

My favorite part about aviation is probably the whole business side of things and developing an airline using the logic behind routes.

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My mistake. It was unclear.

To be honest, I just like travel. Very simple.

My favorite thing about aviation is the feeling of flying. You are free from earth’s gravity and can do anything and that is something amazing in itself

I like the rich history of it. From the early days of the wright flyer (and earlier), to the pioneering days of the 30’s, stretching those old planes to their limits. To the golden era of the 50’s and 60’s, and the revolution of air travel in the 70’s and 80’s, and now where efficiency and passenger numbers have taken full control, and everything in between.

I also like how you have the freedom to go (almost) anywhere. 1 mile of road gets you 1 mile, same with train tracks. With a 1 mile runway, you can go anywhere in the world. Just the feeling freedom when you’re in the air, wether you’re pilot or passenger, is incredible.

My favorite thing about aviation though, is the people that make it happen. I’ve met so many people that have help me, and continue to help me throughout my aviation adventure. From pilots, to volunteers, to ground crew, and everyone else that make aviation happy is my favorite part

Planes are also a favorite of mine.

I love the view from the sky nothing beats the view of earth from 35,000 feet up.

Just satisfying looking admiring them, manufactoring, excitment pretty much everything that a person loves about that category.