What is your favorite state to fly in on IF?

What is you’re favorite US state to fly on IF? Mine is Idaho.

Colorado or Washington, the mountains are amazing!

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Very true, I love those ones also.

Hey Juan! Great question - my favorite would have to be California, as it’s my home state.

I do think this is a question is better suited for the Would You Rather: IF Edition thread, as we’ve already got plenty of “what is your favorite…” topics that are long and question based. Thanks for your understanding!


Any western state ranging within KSFO to KLAX to KSEA! 😍

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I’m a big fan of Colorado, and the states surrounding Lake Michigan.

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New York (home state), Florida and Colorado

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I respectfully disagree, this wouldn’t fit that topic. So this topic is okay, being it’s own.


Florida, Colorado, California would be my top ones

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I love flying over Arizona and Nevada!

@lucaviness I don’t see how this topic should go in that thread.

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Stopping this before we get “What is your favourite knob manufacturer for Airbus”.