What is your favorite route to fly in IF?

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Les trajets
LFPG-OMDB (Paris - Dubaï)
OMDB- VTBS ( Dubaï - Bangkok)

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Bien @Jean-Marc_Koumaya (Me failing at life)

After recently controlling Juneau Intl on the Expert Server and continuing to complete a short haul flight from Juneau to Anchorage - this is probably my favourite route simply because of the beautiful scenery in the area. If you’ve never flown this route before, I highly recommend!

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EWR-TPA those are my favorite flights

It has to be OMDB-KLAX for me

EINN-LEPA would be mine

Well, I do short routes mostly, no more than 1:30, but EDDF-EGLL or KLAX-KSFO. And I would like to do LFPG-LEBL.

Anywhere in the US/Canada to Tokyo Narita. Typically for me KDEN-RJAA. It’s a long haul but it’s on the shorter side which is nice.

ZBAA-ZSPD (Beijing to Shanghai)

KFXE to the Bahamas.

Some of the scenery

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I often find myself flying the MSN-MSP and MSN-DTW routes. It’s quite an interesting set of routes, which has seen a number of different aircraft types over the years (757 into a regional airport!)

MSN is in my hometown, which is why I fly there in the first place.