What is your favorite private or buisness jet?

Definitely the Gulfstream G-550 What is your favorite?

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Airbus A318!
Probably too big for a private jet but hey! Its still used as one!


Long Range: Gulfstream G650
Medium Range: Challenger 605
Small Range: Phenom 300

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Embraer Legacy 450. That thing is a beast

Learjet challenger 650

(this is not meant to be political, I am saying that his plane is my favorite private jet!)


All y’all are forgetting about this bad boy

Short: Cessna Citation V
Medium: Lear 45
Long: Gulfstream 5

Boeing BBJ 787, 747-8, 737-7 Max

Short Range: Embraer Phenom 100
Medium Range: Embraer Legacy 600
Long Range: Bombardier Global 8000
Crazy: Airbus A318ACJ

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Gulf Stream G650! Or the A380, JK.

The Cessna Citation XLS+

It’s sexy 😍

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Commander 690 JetProp is one of my favorites, if that counts as a jet.

Also a fan of the Citation V’s and Gulfstreams!

Embraer Legacy 600.

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Departing FIA16

The Legacy 600 is also one of my favourites.

Got to be the A318ACJ

What a beauty

Picture not mine

You could have just used a factory model of the plane…

Agreed. It’s a nice livery in all honest, and that’s coming from me (Lounge crew know what I mean)

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But I like the livery.