What is your favorite plane to fly and why?

Well the title says it all. Mine is the 747-8 boeing freight livery


777-200 or Citation X both handle great and the Citation has a detailed cockpit

737 (any variant) because they are easy to handle and are able to do very short flights

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Don’t nag me, but the 757. I think it has really stable handling, but the ground taxi is an issue


Ground taxi is a pain :/ But I agree - I really like the handling in the air and the looks of it

That would be B777-400 ANA livery since I love ANA.
If I can list one more that might be B747-400 Qantas livery because I have fly with Qantas often.

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737 because they’re a lot of fun and they are easy to fly

The A380 for me becouse… I love landing it and when I landing it … It just has s beatiful stable response :)

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I quite like the A330

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A330 Swiss, B737BBJ Livery 3, B748BBJ

Same here I love the 757

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A380. It’s amazing that a plane of this size can land almost at the same speed and runway distance as a ‘normal’ plane. And the extra weight creates an extra challenge. Love it.


I would love to say the A340 since I fly in it whenever I fly to the US. But, unfortunately, the A340 here has issues.

I love flying with the A380. It has a good response. If I want to go small, I fly the B717.

B737BBJ before

A320 after the update comes :)

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A380 B’coz i love it

Airbus A-340-600 because i love the sidestick fly by wire and it handle great

737s, because they are fun, beautiful and small enough to fly real world routes between airports within some of the larger regions.

I like the 717, it’s very detailed. Like the cockpit and also the interior has seats! It’s a great plane to fly!

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