What is your favorite plane that gets to you and touches your heart?

Hello fellow aviators, it’s me again and as you can tell I ask a lot of questions about what is a nice route on certain planes as shown ⬇️

And now I have a question like always

Just say I want to do a flight I want a plane that can touch me

So now for you, In your opinion ¿what plane makes you feel the love, enjoy flying?

Every plane available! Except for the 717, C-17, and almost anything from 2013 or before.

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Are you asking about our favorite plane to fly in IF?

If so we have a couple of similar open topics:

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👆 If not that, this should be in #real-world-aviation

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Oh yes I did ask about what is your favorite plane but kinda different cause I said what is your favorite plane that gets to you that touches your heart

Ok. Did not think planes gave that kind of feelings to people.
It’s probably just me.

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