What Is Your Favorite Phonetic Callsign?

I changed it as there was an imposter who couldn’t tell a pattern from straight out…


JCEC1617, because those are the initials of me and my closest friend…ever…although we are no longer in contact with each other.

N248AJ is my favorite. Because November is the month i was born in and 248 was just a random pick. And AJ is my nick name.

N2DV is what I love using Delta and Victor together just sounds cool

I like X-Ray, it just sounds cool 🤷🏾‍♂️.

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N162GQ: Personally, I just love it! =D

{Especially as it is my callsign.}

K3Z. Short and simple but catchy.

That was clever😂😂 Good one!

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Obviously the Training Server classic:


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I like N505ML because it was my first callsign on Infinite flight

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November is the best

Yes “P” stands for Papa in the phonetic alphabet. Your welcome to look at the pictures to remind yourself :)

I know. It’s jist he said that it was weird p was said papa, so that’s why I reminded him that it was correct. I know all of the alphabet anyway.

I know how P is pronounced. This guy’s callsign is just “P”. Hearing “Hilo Tower, Papa is ready for takeoff at runway 23” is just funny.

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(Tengo Echo X-Ray Alpha Sierra)

My favourite is November Two Six Six Tango Victor. Has a nice ring to it.

Mine has gotta be O-Oscar. After all it is my name.

I would say mine is P - Papa, but I don’t want to be reminded of what happened just today and last year.

Otherwise, it’s gotta be B - Bravo. It’s cheers me up.


Ya that’s sort of funny even to hear while VA Events are going on, just having that one person with “Papa” come on the ATC and start requesting things.

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