What is Your Favorite Part/Thing About IF?

I was just thinking about this question and wanted to hear some other responses. My favorite thing is the fact that you can do so many things within the game itself, whether it be a 30 person group flight or exploring the globe in a Citation X!
Lemme know your reasons below!

For me it’s everything, sounds stupid i know but it really is, things from like a realistic fight sim with real liverys, real ATC, and meeting new people on the community and doing group flights with them. Brilliant how big this game as become and long may it last ✈️😊


I love the fact that when your at a busy airport, either if your flying or your ATC. Your interacting with other people. It makes the atmosphere at an airport so much better when you’ve got a great mix of ATC and pilots!!


Controlling at LAX


The people… The community…

My favorite thing in Infinite Flight is air traffic controlling. Of course, I love flying as well. Preferably short haul.

Wow, most people usually hate it because of so many people not following instructions and the whole thing being chaos

Taxiing in live lol

I can sit on my couch and see the world and fly with live atc.

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The most lovely thing of this simulator is the existence of the simulator itself 🤔! The IF devs have created this simulator to give us a chance to learn flying, satisfy our passion to fly an airliner and test our skills. All of those features have been given to us without the need of expensive fancy devices to run it… Any person with any device capabilities can run this simulator and enjoy flying within a grasp of a hand. Moreover; continuous development and troubleshooting the devs constantly giving us are of a great benefit for all of subscribers…

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