What is your favorite part of a flight?

  • Taxi
  • Takeoff
  • Climb
  • Cruise
  • Approach
  • Landing

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All flight phases!🛫🛬

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landing because that’s when i finally can get away from annoying *** kids


Using a Ryanair livery and landing so hard you start an earthquake is always a blast to do on PG server

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Could i have an All of the Above choice?

Well you can choose all of the options if you really wanted to, so I don’t think an “All of the above” would be very necessary…

Taxiing, beginning the flight, cruise, most relaxing, and then landing, the conclusion of a long, sometimes PAINSTAKING flight across several time zones.

You can just mark all of the options in the poll.

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Thanks for the welcome!😀

It’s the adrenaline in takeoff! It the thought that your holiday is at the end of the flight. Love takeoff!

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Taxi, since it allows great views of the other aircraft, Takeoff since it’s thrilling and I love engine noises.

Approach is also fun too, but it’s the end of the flight so it loses lots of points in my book.


I think sometimes it depends what flight it is?
Take off and landing on your outbound flight to your holiday may feel much more exciting whereas the depressing feeling off takeoff from your sunny holiday destination and landing at your home airport isn’t too great.

Takeoff and Cruise

Flights have to land at some point! Can’t go forever!

Thank you to everyone who’s voted-Keep them comin’

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