What is Your Favorite Mode in IF?

I. Am. So. Sorry. I can’t help myself to these polls! This might seem pointless but, to me, it isn’t!

Remember to tell me why the mode is your favorite/least favorite mode in the comments!

I like all modes. However, I like Live mode the best!

No “restrictions” in this one!

  • Tutorial Mode (Both Ones)
  • Solo Mode
  • Live Mode

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Honestly, who wouldn’t pick Live?


People who like Solo Mode the best =p. But I also created one for your least favorite mode in IF, so we will see.

Both because you can use Solo without the internet

Live, because you’re not the only one flying and there’s ATC.

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A better question would just be Solo vs. Live, who would like the tutorials the best?

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Live mode is most definitely my favorite and most used mode.

The people who voted the tutorials as their favorite mode I guess =p.

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