What is your favorite livery on ANY plane


There’s no other open topic for this here’s the link to the closed one:

Anyways my favorite livery is probably the Alaska Honoring those who serve:

I like it because, well I like it!
What is yours?


Oh, my source is Airliners.net


N493AS has the best livery I have ever seen so far in my life!!! The More to Love! :D


It would be easier to open a separate topic for separate types of aircrafts.

It will become a little more messy with random aircrafts scattered around in places. I’d prefer stick with the ones that created a separate topic for the Airbus A350 and the Boeing 777.

I recommend create one for the 737. 👍


This would clog up the forum. And this isn’t about types of airplanes. This is about types of liveries you like.


I kind of agree.


Then tell me why is there a separate topic for the A350 and the 777? This will definitely not clog up the forum. You can also relate why has the #screenshots-and-videos Category has been created. I prefer see a separate topic to clearly understand the point of the model. Not different liveries and aircrafts scattered together.


But this is not about the type of aircraft. This is about your favorite livery on an airplane. If you like to discuss more, we could do it in a PM.


That’s fine, I’m just not going to let a argument happen here.


I love the Lauda A320 livery! Hopefully it will be added to IF one day.

Source: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9146368
If you like the livery, you can also vote for it there: Laudamotion A320 (new livery)


It kind of looks to flashy for me.


image http://planes-international.com/UA-744-N127UA-NRT-090204-1.jpg
Love the old United livery. It looked best on the 747 in my opinion. So sad that these giants are gone :(


Anyone else got one?


My favorite livery will always be the Icelandair Aurora Borealis livery.

It’s a beauty!


I LOVE the Qantas Yam Dreaming Livery by far! It is my favourite!

Source: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9269461


To be honest, mix a 737-700 w/splits and Canyon Blue, and I’m set



For sure:


That Pic is from the one and only time I’m aware it has landed in Pittsburgh. I saw it fly over, and it is unbelievably gorgeous…


I’ve always liked the Air Canada 787 livery.



The new Air Canada livery is pretty 🔥 for a very ❄️ Country… 🇨🇦