What is your favorite Ireland/ UK airline?

  • British airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • EasyJet
  • Aer lingus
  • Norwegian
  • Ryanair
  • Thomas Cook

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Which part of the world should I do next?

It’s spelled “Norwegian”, not “Norwegion”. :)

Ryanair is also all one word.

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Perhaps Scandinavia?

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What about Asia?

@Cargoluxgroupceo Maybe Russia

That includes in Asia right?

Yeah, Russia is mostly in Asia

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Virgin Atlantic 😍.

Though Norwegian has a sizeable transAtlantic prescence/market out of GB, they are not a Britain based company. Correct me if I’m mistaken though please

“Don’t book Thomas Cook” a rhyme I, and most others who have had bad experiences with them, remember to not confuse Thomson and Thomas cook😄.

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United States?


Air Asia

BA is dominating

Virgin Atlantic is gaining votes at a good rate

I’m not too sure but I think it’s something like:

Norwegian Air Shuttle is the actual company.
Something like Norwegian Airlines is based in Ireland and it’s a subsidary
There’s also a Norwegian long haul that fly LGW and want to fly from Cork, Ireland. This is all IIRC so don’t quote me and if I’m wrong then feel free to correct me

if getting technical and picky I think that Ryanair are an Irish company rather than British…?

I like BA, I flew with them 3 months ago between Heathrow and Orly, was quite good! I got the Dove livery (is that how you call it?)