What is your favorite international airport?

Makes sense, since you can fly from JFK to places you can’t even fly to out of Dulles.

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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta KATL

Ohare. Great place to walk around. Especially at Christmas. Nothing beats an airport Christmas like the iconic Concourse H main hall at Christmas.

Phoenix Sky Harbor (KPHX)

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I’m flying there in February just on a joy trip. I have a four hour layover. Any tips on what would be good in the terminal to do?

Drink beer talk to new people. They have some great bars there

Haha Roger that. I’ll get drunk and create a stir. Sounds fun ;)

I recommend getting a goose island 312. The only good beer from Goose Island. Their Ipa is gross.

KJFK. Aside from being my local airport, I find the vectoring into NYC airports fascinating. With three major airports all within a few miles of one another, absolute precision is required. As an IFATC air traffic control is very interesting to me, and the controllers at LGA, EWR, and JFK are phenomenal.

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I like Seattle International Airport.

Auckland International Airport

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Singapore Changi

LAX because I live near it. =D

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Nice big airport, long runways, plane spotting area, tower that looks good, CRJs everywhere.

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KMSP for sure

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Denver intl


When I went to LHR, I didn’t really get a chance to enjoy it, so I will ignore that option.
I guess my answer is pretty much the only airport I’ve been to, SCL


My favirote that I’ve been too is KLAX, the best airport in ,the world is Qatar and Dubai.