What is your Favorite First Class?

My Faorite Flirst class is Eithad Airways just because first class class apartments must be the best experience in the skies, with caviar for a light starts and a dream that actually can true when I went for a shower just before I went to sleep it is amazing First class experience.

What’s your favorite Frist Class?


Never been in first class. :/


BIG JET TV’s First Class 🤣🤣🤣

Well, I’ve never flown in first class, but my favorite gotta go to Singapore airlines on their A380


Bold of you to assume I’ve flown anything besides economy


same here. only economy.


Ehh, dreams…

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@Suhas and @GlobalFlyer1 with 20 flights in business and first:


Only been in First once, so I can’t really compare it to anything else but I’d probably say Delta One in the A359/A339 is the best


I only fly eco. Gotta be honest when you fly eco all the time, if you fly eco plus or premium eco you get really excited.

Been business class with finnair a while back for a works trip. Pretty swish and decent perks. Still got a branded wash bag that had some goodies in it somewhere.

Eco all the way…

Only flown once. I think Qatar Airways 777 first class is good.

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Lufthansa A380 from FRA-SFO was great.

Well I’ve never flown first class but I agree with you, etihad’s residence is the best by quite a bit. After all you’re literally getting a room separate to the seat

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Southwest’s first is pretty great


Imagine flying in 1st class

bold of you to assume I’ve ever flown 😐

I am not FILTHY RICH so I don’t fly first class, but I have seen it. My favorite is Delta One on the A350s.

My fav is United Polaris (especially on the 777-300ER)

Only flew first once onboard Cathay Pacific by racking up loads of miles and using my Asiamiles/Marco Polo card (the frequent flier program Cathay Pacific offers).

Loved it!

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