What is your favorite feature of IF?

Guys tell me what is your favorite feature in IF.
Mine is the wing view feature:


Let me think about that one, its hard, as IF is full of great features.

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I think my fav feature is the wingflex on the aircraft that have them. Would like if the 777 and 747 had it

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It’s a Nice feature that you can look inside the cockpit, it is normal in flight simulators but IF’s is really great for being an IOS and Android game😉


I would have to agree with you, wing flex is so wonderful! I love watching the wings slowly flex while I rotate. Hopefully we can get wing flex on 737, 777, A330, and 747 (I know it’s a lot lol).


I love the door animations and stuff on the CRJ series and Tbm 930

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I found IF because I was looking for a simulator that supported multiple users so I wouldn’t be flying the sky’s alone. Wow, was I amazed at how well this functionality was implemented! I was sold after a few days. Add to that the integration of ATC, and I was hooked!

So, the best feature for me is obviously the beautifully integrated multiple user capability.


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