What is your favorite Canadian airport?

Maybe try voting for something other than YVR…

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Ive been you Vancouver 8 times in my lifetime and it’s the cleanest airport iv’e ever seen. First of all, the staff is very nice (duh, it’s Canada). Two, it’s never extremely busy. Three, they have Air Canada (aka the best airline).



Vote for YUL, your not a downtown québécois From Montreal if you didn’t vote for that

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CYVR Because that is my home airport! lol.

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toronto 100%

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I mean like everyone knows YVR is great, it would be more interesting if you take it and YYZ out of the equation


Sorry I did not put CYVR, I’m trying to put it in but it keeps saying you can’t edit the poll the first 5 minutes after you made it even though it’s been a day is there something I can do to fix this? I need some help :/

Me too ! Tabarnak 😂

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Vancouver is the best
No one can debate

Hide in your bed room I’ll come kill you with maple syrup 🔪😂

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Vancouver is definitely the best airport both for spotting and for flying in/out of, but I have to rep Toronto.


I’d suggest not using the “artificial filler,” it might get you in trouble (got me demoted from regular). Instead you might wanna pad your words or at least put it in spoilers 🤷‍♂️

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Calgary is my favourite (but also where I live so I’m biased)

But my favourite approach has to go to Kelowna (CYLW)

mine is definitely CYHM (John C Munro, Hamilton). it’s the only Canadian aiport I’ve been to and also one of my favourites since I’ve done my first transatlantic flight in a 737 to CYHM.

OK roger ill try not to

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You realize that Vancouver exists don’t you? It’s Canada’s second busiest airport…

For all you Vancouverites:

  • Vancouver

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Or A Vancouver Islandite 🤪🤷🏾‍♂️

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Gotta be CYOW ;)

It’s got to be YTZ!