What is your favorite Canadian airport?

Whats is your favorite Canadian airport? Please pick from the options below, if you picked other please state which airport you are talking about and why you like it, you can state why you picked the airport you picked below.

Please pick one.

  • CYYZ (Toronto)
  • CYUL (Montreal)
  • CYOW (Ottawa)
  • CYHZ (Halifax)
  • CYSJ (Saint John)
  • CYWG (Winnipeg)
  • CYYJ (Victoria)
  • CYTZ (Toronto City)
  • CYOO (Oshawa)
  • CYYC (Calgary)
  • CYQR (Regina)
  • CYQB (Quebec City)
  • CYYT (Saint Johns)
  • CYEG (Edmonton)
  • Other

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Where’s Vancouver tho…

Anyway, I would probably post it here:

Cool to bring awareness to different Canadian airports though!

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I would vote for Vancouver… but for the sake of this thread… definitely Calgary




Where is Vancouver it is the best but there is no option for it.

Vancouver-am I a joke to you

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London (CYXU)

Exactly I was gonna pick CYVR

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63% of voters picked other lol

Downsview. My RCAC base does parades at the RCAF base beside it and we get to hear new Globals, Q400s, and CRJs go for test flights.

Umm… This is hard. Vancouver yes its beautiful, but Toronto is modern 🤔

Where the heck is CYVR, what kind of biased response are you trying to elicit? What did CYVR ever do to you? A large airport with scenic snow capped mountains for a backdrop and we can’t even vote for it smh.

Let’s not get mad because he didn’t put an airport, carry on…

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Vancouver is the best in terms of normal terminals, whereas the Toronto Maple Leaf lounge with Air Canada may be one of the best in the world.

I have been laughing at this post for at least 5 minutes. A picture is worth a thousand words.

What about YVR???

Never been to Canada.

If you didn’t said CYUL I’m gonna come kill you with maple syrup

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@JulietTango @ILOVE7879-2.0

Some of the best Canadians :)

My vote is CYVR!



I love MaPLE SYrUp