What is your favorite business class?

The only time i flew on buisness class was on a singapore airlines 380 i forgot how it looked because i was super young

when i flew with emirates a380 & 777 , we walked past business class, and it was amazing , but Singapore Airlines a350 and 777 and even 330 business looks nice


I don’t have the money either :(

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Never been in business, but if i had to pick i’d go for SAA.

I’m surprised that none has mentioned this gem 😂

Besides QSuite, my favourites are Singapore Airlines’ 2013 J and China Airlines’ new Business Class Seat 😉

Source to China Airlines


Source to Here


Casey Neistat? I’m pretty sure he did a vid on that.

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The business class on SAA A330-300 looks amazing as well. It has great service, a large amount of space for body and storage, and looks very comfortable.

Business Studio from Etihad from the A380. London-Abu Dhabi. The service was excellent. And also european business class of turkish airlines A321 Lyon-Istanbul excellent service too. And my current favorite business class QSuite from Qatar.


Looks amazing!! However, I don’t have the money :(

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Of course it is, if you was talking to me i just had an upgrade 😂

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Wooooahhh that’s the most lit business class I’ve ever seen!!!

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Here are some of the reviews regarding the QSuite which is available now since last month on DOH-LHR-DOH segment 😉


So far, only A7-BED that equipped with these new QSuites. More 777-300ERs, A350-900s, and A350-1000s are going to be refitted/delivered with these new suites. While Qatar is planning to make a new Business seat for 787 and A380 😉


The QSuite looks amazing!

My favorite business class is either United or Aer Lingus.

I was talking about if you’re wondering why I fly them so often if I don’t like them. To be honest I don’t mind what airline I fly domestically on relatively short flights, but when I’m using lots of miles for a business class ticket and it’s lousy, then that’s kind of annoying.

That just looks like extra legroom😂

Sadly I’ve never been on business class… it’s sad


I also never gone on busses class so idk eather

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That is why I also said which one you would want to go on…

It was really incredible and I got to talk to the pilots abouf IF and told him how great/realistic it is!

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