What is your favorite business class?

I know there are the different type of these topics out there, however, I wanted to do a topic about the inside of an aircraft, for a change…
I was wondering what is the best or favorite business class experience you have been or want to go on?
For me, the only time I have gone business class was on Emirates 777-200 and it was Amazing!!! What was yours?

Sorry didn’t have a picture of my own, since I was 8 years old when I flew business class.


Never gone in business so idk.


Virgin Australia ‘The Business’ on the A330-200


I really want to fly Emarites A380 First Class because I saw this guy on YT do it. He gotten Slippers, PJ’S a iPad remote and he had closable doors. But all that was like 21K 💰sooooo idk if that would be happening in the near future. 🤣


I would love to fly first class on a A380 Emarites, but we don’t have the money… :(


BA on the 787-9. It’s really comfortable and has a modern nice looking design.


I’ve only been on Club Europe twice From Gatwick to Tirana so thats my favourite business class.

It’s a really close tie between Swiss, Lufthansa, and Austrian for me. If you ever have the opportunity to fly on any of these airlines I would highly recommend choosing them. Swiss’ regional business class was also very nice.

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By chance was it sam chui, who did the video you are talking about

I only been to two airline’s business classes, as far as I remember. And the most favorite of the two is United.

No it was CaseyNeistat He gotten a free upgrade on his flight. Here’s the Video so you can see all of the features. https://youtu.be/84WIaK3bl_s


Oh thanks, I do recommend you check This video out as it’s also Emirates business class, thanks and I will watch that now

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Thanks here is his return flight as he has business class (its more of a vlog so idk if you would want to watch it)😀 https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T4L-7S0-mc0

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Oh man I’m sorry to here United is your favorite. Once you experience some other business or even first class there’s no comparison back to United. I just flew United’s regional business class today on a 777-200 from SFO-OGG and it was okay. It was nice to have the flat-bed seat for the 5 hour flight but in my opinion there really is no “service”. The flight attendants are just there, and it’s nothing to write home about. I also flew long haul business on the 767-400 from IAD-AMS last month and that was also pretty lousy. I hope on day you get to experience another airlines business class ;-)

If you’re wondering, if you don’t like United, why do you fly them so much? Well that’s because my dad has a mileage card for United and we definitely would rather use miles to travel.

I will watch it, thanks, I just finished the other one and now I am so jealous

I flew from DUB-JFK on an a330-200 on delta one and it was excellent. The food, seat/bed, flight attendants, and the IFE, were incredible. I couldn’t say anything bad about it well since it was “first class”. Also before the flight I asked the flight attendant if I can go into the cockpit and she said yes! So that was really cool. All in all that was probally the best 7 hour flight of my life.

The seat

Some flight info


Of course I like united! That’s why I fly them so much 😊

@Aidanr21 I have always wanted to enter the cockpit!! Your trip sounds amazing!

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I think he’s referring to the Casey Neistat video. Pretty entertaining.

Air new Zealand been lucky to fly business class on the 777-200, 777-300 a few times not 787-9 though but all long haul planes have same seat anyway.

here are my points

-lie back bed very good

-dinning table option so 2 can have dinner

-lots of storage space

-great service

-great ife (can order food on touch screen)

-nice modern colours/vibe

-massive screen which folds out can be moved up and down the seat