What is your favorite British Airways aircraft?

What’s your favourite BA plane? Mine is the 787.

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Then shouldn’t you be calling it “Favourite British Airways Plane”?

Anyway, I like the A320!! The Golden Livery is amazing!!



I love the a320 and fly with it every year. 2nd Favourite plane after the 787 in British Airways Livery.

Airbus A318 and A380


Okay, A318.

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Probably the A380, looks huge and with the BA livery it just looks even better.


747-400 all the way.

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Boeing 787-9. Easily the best for me.

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Aerospetiale-BAC Concorde

Concorde or B789 for me. It looked awesome on both aircrafts 😍

my favourite BA aircraft in service is the B772. nicely proportioned.

My favourite BA Plane is the Vertical stabiliser 1984

Definitely the a319 and a320


As for planes that still fly, the livery fits so well on the A320 and the 777-200ER.

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Without a doubt the Twin Otter.

Concorde and 777-200ER

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DHC-6 Twin Otter or the 777-300ER

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A380, saw it at Heathrow, love at first sight 😂

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I’ve got in lovee with the 777 and the 787

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the Boeing 747-400, I watched it land a few times while visiting Las Vegas, NV a couple of years ago.