What is your favorite aviation documentary?

Me too! I like Air Crash investigation…

Fuerza Aérea Sociedad Anónima, deals with the widespread corruption in the Armed Forces and its negative impact on civilian aviation.

Wishky Romeo Zulu: telling th story of the LAPA 3142, a plane that wasn’t able to take off because of pilot error.

And forgot to deploy the flaps even after the take off checklist.

Air Crash Investigation for sure.

I watched that every time it was on National Geographic!

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Ultermate airport Dubai/inside gatwick/air crash investigation don’t have a best love them all!😀✈️✌️

Geneva Airport Documentary [GVA/LSGG] - YouTube (french TV)

Air crash investigation ((:

Mayday by far (Also Called Air Crash Investigation and Air Emergency in countries other than Canada)
Plus it’s one of the best TV shows in the Canadian Film Industry (Yes, it’s made in Canada)

Qantas a380 documentary