What is your favorite aviation documentary?

My personal favorite is Mighty Planes or Planes that changed the world on the Smithsonian Channel. What are your’s?

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I quite liked the Airplane Repo show, although I wonder if it’s actually that realistic…

& Ice Pilots NWT

& Dangerous Flights

& Pilots Eye TV

& Worst Place to be a Pilot

Air Crash Investigation!


Yes I agree with @Laurens -ACI!

Smithsonian also did a miniseries about “Planes That Changed The World”. I only caught the DC-3, A380, SR-71

They also made wonderful documentaries on the Boeing 747 and BAC Concorde and Jet Set flight attendants

Go on youtube and you’ll find lots of great ones.

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747 was a bigger deal IMO but it’a their documentary

Yeah I thought as much. Still entertaining at least. Would be a fun job if it was actually like that!

Airplane repo is/was an entertainment show. Likely not realisic (Sorry it spoil it but…)

I had an inkling… “Inkling” is a funny word. I need more coffee.

My favourite (currently watching now) has to be 'worst place to be a pilot). It’s in the name! Sadly, I’m going to end up doing that in a couple years, although pilots are high in demand, it’s still extremely challenging to locate a pilot career in the UK.


What about Ryanair?

All airlines here require you to pay a ranging cost starting usually at £80-90,000 overall for training!

yea laurens…i like those a lot…

I like air Crash Investigation but the season is wayyyyyy to short. And on the planes that changed the world. On the A380 one they siad it was sexy. Which i lauged at that becuase that plane is ugly

Yeah. On the documentary, they showed an EMIRATES sized support for the a380. Okay Smithsonian, get yourself an a380!

What do you mean by support

Or wmirates sized support

They loved it. What I mean by Emirates sized support, is in reference to Emirates ordering 200 a380s, clearly showing that they like the a380.

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It’s preference