What is your favorite aviation documentary/series?

Mine is ACI and Ultimate Airport Dubai


airplane repo. and world most dangerous airports


Airplane Repo is a good show

The #1 will be air crash investigation, airport alert (that’s in nat geo also), world most dangerous airports and also ultimate airport dubai.


it sure is a good show

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One six right. Best movie

I want to see it but cant find it anywhere

Infinite Flight

Facepalm intensifies.


Watching that customs officer foil smuggling attempts in Ultimate Airport Dubai !
The ideas people come up with to smuggle stuff is just 😱

Ready for takeoff I believe it is called, it is by QANTAS. Also Ultimate airport Dubai

Ready for Takeoff which follows Qantas’s operations

Nat Geo’s Air Crash Investigation

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ACI all the way.

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I love ACI. It isn’t very precise in terms of cockpit functioning, but it’s very good

I like Skies Above Britain, it shows a wide range of flying etc.

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Smithsonian’s Air Disasters, Mighty Planes, Jet Set Stewardess, The 747: The Jumbo Revolution, and Terror in the Skies.

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Mayday, filmed right here in Canada!

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I guess our preferences are similar @Boeing777x

@Mubashir have you seen the episode in which the catch the passenger who was smuguled snakes in their bag